La MAE reçoit Dr. Leore Grosman

« Nahal Ein Gev site – A late Natufian village in the Jordan Valley »

Dans le cadre de son cycle de conférences internationales, la MAE reçoit le Dr. Leore Grosman (Institute of Archaeology – Hebrew University of Jerusalem) pour une conférence le site de Nahal Ein Gev.

Mercredi 18 novembre 2015
10h, MAE, Salle du Conseil

Nahal Ein Gev II site is located 2 km east of the Sea of Galilee lake shore in the wadi of Ein Gev, Israel.  The site is assigned to a late phase of the Natufian and is probably a village exhibiting a complex site plan that includes various massive round structures. Our new excavation and the material remains retrieved at the site sheds light on Late Natufian sedentary life style. Given its chronological position at the threshold of the Early Neolithic and its geographic setting in the productive Jordan Valley, the site provides the opportunity to investigate several issues critical for understanding Late Natufian adaptations and their implications for the transition to agriculture.

Dr. Leore Grosman is a senior lecturer at the Institute of Archaeology, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, and the head of the Computerized Archaeology Laboratory. Currently she is a guest of Heidelberg University, at the Interdisciplinary Center of Scientific Computing (IWR). As a prehistoric archaeologist, Dr. Leore Grosman is engaged in research exploring the transition to an agricultural mode of subsistence. She is the director of the Terminal Palaeolithic excavation projects at Hilazon Tachtit Cave and Nahal Ein-Gev II.