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Francis Dupuy is working along two main lines.

The first is economic anthropology. It is essentially a general theoretical examination of one of the discipline’s traditional branches. In recent years, he has more specially focused his research on the question of “primitive” or “traditional” currencies, trying to understand - beyond their extreme diversity - their economic and social specificity, their polysemy and their versatility.

The second is the interethnic question. Based on field research conducted in Guiana and Surinam (a region of the upper Maroni and Tapanahony), he attempts to grasp the complex of relationships and interactions between American Indians and Maroons. First, the research took into account the Wayana people (American Indians of the Carib family) and the Boni or Aluku people (of African origin, descended from slavery and marooning); today it also takes into consideration another Maroon community, the Ndjuka, established on the Tapanahony River. His objective is to shed light on the parameters that are brought to bear in the representation of the Other and in one’s relationship to him: recourse to the notion of the “boundary”, differing views, the influence of stereotypes, discourse for the other/discourse for the self, the co-construction of alterity and identity, the production of similarity and/or difference, the “ethnification” process… Over the long term, it is a matter modelling the schema used to understand the Other and the interethnic relationship in the wider Amazon, through an examination of existing ethnographic literature on the subject.

Principal publications

  • 2008, Anthropologie économique (Paris, Armand Colin) [Cursus, 1st ed. 2001].
  • 2007 eds (with P. Bouchery and A. Guédez), Campagnes incertaines. Ethnographie en Nord-Charente (Poitiers, AREAS).
  • 2002 eds (with R. Lucas), Les enjeux de la mémoire: esclavage, marronnage, commémorations [dossier], Les Cahiers d’Histoire, 89.
  • 2001 eds (with A. Guédez and M. Valière), Mues traversières. Ethnographie en Montmorillonnais (Gençay, ARPE).
  • 1996, Le Pin de la discorde. Les rapports de métayage dans la Grande Lande (Paris, Éditions de la Maison des Sciences de l’Homme).


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