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Marie-Dominique Mouton was head of the Éric-de-Dampierre Library until october 2014. In this context, she has implemented a policy for collecting, safeguarding and developing the ethnologists’ archives.

She encourages reflection on the methodological and ethical questions raised by the use and re-use of field materials. Her professional areas of interest also include: the evolution of research libraries, the development of documentary resources in anthropology, the history of Africanist documentation.

She is co-founder of the Ethnology Network and the Réseau des Archives des ethnologues (Network of Ethnologists’ Archives), now labelled a Consortium in the context of Corpus IR. She served as an expert advisor to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs during its implementation of a cooperative of Anglophone and Francophone libraries in West and Central Africa.

Publications available at the Éric-de-Dampierre library

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