Préhistoire des Textiles au Proche-Orient

Paléorient 38.1-2, 2012

Dossier thématique coordonné par
C. BRENIQUET, M. TENGBERG et E. ANDERSSON avec la collaboration de M.-L. NOSCH.


ANDERSSON STRAND E., BRENIQUET C., NOSCH M.-L. et TENGBERG M.  Introduction au dossier « Préhistoire des Textiles au Proche-Orient »/ Introduction to the file “Prehistory of Textiles in the Near East”

ANDERSSON STRAND E. The textile chaîne opératoire : Using a multidisciplinary approach to textile archaeology with a focus on the Ancient Near East

ALFARO C. Textiles from the Pre-Pottery Neolithic Site of Tell Halula (Euphrates Valley, Syria)

WENDRICH W. and RYAN P. Phytoliths and Basketry Materials at Çatalhöyük (Turkey) : Timelines of growth, harvest and objects life histories

NIEUWENHUYSE O.P., BARTL K., BERGHUIJS K. and VOGELSANG-EASTWOOD G. The cord-impressed pottery from the Late Neolithic Northern Levant : Case-study Shir (Syria)

SAÑA M. and TORNERO C. Use of Animal Fibres during the Neolithisation in the Middle Euphrates Valley (Syria) : An Archaeozoological Approach

ROOIJAKKERS C.T. Spinning Animal Fibres at Late Neolithic Tell Sabi Abyad, Syria ?

GOOD I. Changes in Fiber use and Spinning Technologies on the Iranian Plateau : A comparative and diachronic study of spindle whorls ca 4500-2500 BCE

LEVY J. and GILEAD I. Spinning in the 5th millennium in the southern Levant : Aspects of the Textile Economy

NIEUWENHUYSE O.P., BERGHUIJS K. and MÜHL S. A Late Neolithic ‘fishing net’ from Northern Iraq ?

THOMAS A. Restes textiles sur un clou de fondation de Gudea. Étude préliminaire


MUTIN B. Cultural Dynamics in Southern Middle Asia in the fifth and fourth millennia BC : A reconstruction based on Ceramic tradition

GRIGSON C. Size Matters – Donkeys and Horses in the Prehistory of the Southernmost Levant

GODER-GOLDBERGER M., CHENG H., EDWARDS R.L., MARDER O., PELEG Y., YESHURUN R. and FRUMKIN A. Emanuel Cave (Israel) : The Site and its Bearing on Early Middle Paleolithic Technological Variability

SMOGORZEWSKA A. Fire Installations in Household Activities. Archaeological and Ethnoarchaeological Study from Tell Arbid (North-East Syria)