The laboratory

The Préhistoire et technologie laboratory - UMR 7055 of the National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) - is the main home team for students who are wishing to pursue technological studies in pre and proto-historic research at the Department of Anthropology (specialization Prehistory) from Paris Ouest University.

The general research topic of the laboratory is designed primarily to reconstruct the socio-economic systems of the past and understand their mechanisms of evolution. These investigations are rooted in the technological approach, which is the route for the identification of techno-economic facts and their interpretation in socio-cultural terms.

Classic reference of the laboratory

Inizan M.-L., Reduron M., Roche H. et Tixier J., 1999. Technology and Terminology of Knapped Stone, vol.5. Meudon, C.R.E.P., 191 p.

Associated review: Arkeotek

20 February 2015

Maison Archéologie Ethnologie
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