David Éva


Researcher CNRS

Research interests

Doc. Éva David is an archaeologist, praehistorian, working on bone and antler technology. Specialist of the manufacturing and ornamenting techniques of praehistoric objects, she develops several projects as well as international scientific collaborations, in Scandinavia and Central Europe mainly, on the Mesolithic and the Late Upper Palaeolithic. She has developped the technological approach onto the worked bone and antler material at the Postglacial (10-8th millennia before J.-C.) and demonstrated the cultural value of the different technical traditions she has emphasized by her work on this material.

She appears as an expert of bone and antler "industry", receiving in the laboratory collections for which archaeologists have difficulties of sight-reading and going studying in Museums and other places where the archaeological collections are stored depending on her research projects. She is also directly working on ongoing excavations (Poland). She is regularly requested to supply publication-series of the Commission de Nomenclature de l’Industrie Osseuse Préhistorique which aims at making clear and known what is a bone tool, how it has been manufactured and whatefore it has been used.

Since 2004, she gives annually a training course on bone technology and a lecture on the Mesolithic, at the Paris Ouest University. Particularly, she receives there scientists working on prehistoric faunal remains which are willing to integrate in their analysis the reading and diagnosis of the techniques, for reconstructing past practices towards global exploitation of animal species. Supplementary to her publications, she is also taking care of valuating recent advances in experimental studies in this field of research at the Worked Bone Research Group (WBRG) of the International Council for Archaeozoology (ICAZ).

Fellowships / Grants

  • Fyssen Foundation (1999)
  • Société de Secours des Amis des Sciences, the Institut (2001)
  • Fleishmann Grant, Society of Ethnology, Paris Ouest University (2002)
  • Experimental Research Centre Lejre, Denmark (1996-97, 1999, 2001, 2003-2006, 2009)
  • NFR Fondation Maison des Sciences de l’Homme, Paris (2012)
  • InSHS-CNRS International mobility research founding (2015)

Research projects

  • Latvian-French Research programme (2001-2002), resp.
  • Estonian-French Parrot PAI Programm (2003-2004), resp.
  • Research programme ACI Façade atlantique (2005-2006), coll.
  • Research programme Poznan University (2007-2013), coll.
  • Research programme Landesamt für Denkmalpflege Esslingen-Tübingen Universität (2008-2010), coll.
  • Common Research Project Bergen University (2012), coll.

Organizations (international)

  • 1rst International Workshop, Study Group on the Mesolithic from Recent Archaeology (2004), resp.
  • 6th International Meeting WBRG-ICAZ (2007), coll.

International training courses

  • Excavations at Krzyz, Poznan University (2011-2013), 15h annual
  • Master Class, The Nordic School der Christian-Albrechts-Universität Schloss Gottorf Schleswig (8h, the 9th of may 2012)

Invited host and/or speaker*

  • Forschungsbereich Altsteinzeit des Römisch-German. Zentralmuseums Meinz-Neuwied (1997)*
  • Northern Archaeological Congress Khanti-Mansijsk-Russia (2002)
  • Institut of Archaeology, Kobenhavn University(2002)*
  • After Ice Age Conference Rotenbourg (2003)
  • Institut of Archaeology, Helsinki University (2004)*
  • Institut für Haustierkunde (AZA) der Christian-Albrechts-Universität Schloss Gottorf Schleswig (2009)
  • Department of History, University of Bergen (2012)*
  • Department of Archaeozoology, University of Stockholm (2013)*
  • Muge 150th Anniversary Conference (2013)
  • Mesolithic Burials International Conference Halle (2013)
  • Late Palaeolithic Commission IUSPP Conference (2013)
  • Department of History, University of Uppsala (2014)
  • Department of Archaeology, University of Oslo (2014)*

    Selected publications

Bergsvik K.-A. and David É., 2014. Crafting bone tools in Mesolithic Norway, a regional eastern-related know-how. Journal of European Archaeology 18 (2), 190-221.

Kabaciński J., Sobkowiak-Tabaka I., David É., Osypińska M., Terberger Th., Winiarska-Kabacińska M., 2014. The chronology of the T-shaped axes in the Polish lowland. Sprawozdania Archeologiczne 66 : 29-56.

David É., Filippi L., Dufayet Cl. 2014. Os de l’autopode (métapodes, phalanges et grands sésamoïdes). — In : L. Mons, S. Péan, R. Pigeaud (Dir.), Commission de nomenclature sur l’industrie de l’os préhistorique. Cahier XIII, Matières d’art : représentations préhistoriques et supports osseux, relations et contraintes. Arles, Éditions Errance : 177-210.

David É., 2012. Die Knochenindustrie, Fundvorlage und Erlklärung der Produktionsweise des Spätmesolithikum (chap. 5.8.1), Beuronien C (chap.6.9.1) und Beuronien B (chap. 7.9.1) — In : Th. Beutelspacher, É. David, Cl.-J. Kind, E. Stephan (éds.), Mesolithikum in der Talaue des Neckars 2. Die Fundstreuungen von Siebenlinden 3, 4 und 5. Stuttgart, Landesamt für Denkmalpflege im Regierungspräsidium Stuttgart (Forschungen und Berichte zur Vor- und Frühgeschichte in Baden-Württemberg Band 125), Konrad Theiss Verlag, p. 151-163 ; 342-367 ; 452-461 (en allemand).

David É., 2010. Technologie de l’os. In E. Ghesquière et G. Marchand (eds.), Le Mésolithique en France ; Archéologie des derniers chasseurs-cueilleurs. Éditions La Découverte (Archéologies de la France), Paris, p. 66-67 et 73.

David É., 2009. Show me how you make your hunting equipment and I will tell you where you come from : Technical traditions, an efficient means to characterize cultural identities. In S. McCartan et al. (eds.), Mesolithic Horizons ; Papers presented at the Seventh international conference on the Mesolithic in Europe, Belfast, 29-2 Septembre 2005. Oxbow, Books Exeter, p. 362-367.

David É. and Pelegrin J., 2009. Possible Late Glacial bone « retouchers » in the Baltic Mesolithic : The contribution of experimental tests with lithics on bone tools. In M. Street, R.N.E. Barton and Th. Terberger (eds.), Humans, environment and chronology of the Late Glacial of the North European Plain ; Proceedings of workshop 14 (Commission XXXII) of the XVth Congrès de l’Union internationale des sciences pré- et protohistoriques UISPP, Lisboa, 4th-9th of September 2006. Mainz, Verlag des Römisch-Germanischen Zentralmuseums (Römisch-Germanischen Zentralmuseums Tagungsbänder ; 6), p. 155-168.

Bridault A., David É. and Boboeuf M., 2009. Matter and Material : Red Deer antler exploitation during the Mesolithic at du Clos de Poujol (Aveyron, France). In L. Fontana, F.-X. Chauvière and A. Bridault (eds.), In search of total animal exploitation : Case studies from the Upper Palaeolithic and Mesolithic ; Proceedings of the XVth UISPP Congress, Session C61, Vol.42, Lisboa, 4th-9th September 2006. B.A.R. International Series 2010, Oxford, Archaeopress, p. 135-154.


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