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Bérénice Bellina-Pryce


CNRS Researcher

Director of the French archaeological mission in Upper Thai-Malay Peninsula

Research Interests

My research focuses on exchange and cultural transfer processes around the Indian Ocean and more especially between the populations of the Bay en Bengal and of the the South China Sea. I use the technological analysis of industries as a means to comprehend socio-economic and political systems and to reconstruct the impact of long-distance exchange on ethnicity and identity construction.

Since 2005, I am the co-director of the Thai-French multi-disciplinary research programme in the Upper Thai-Malay Peninsula. The archaeological mission investigates the co-evolution of the different populations and ecosystems of the Peninsula in relation to long-distance exchange from the early/mid first millennium BC to the late first millennium AD. The project includes 12 permanent members and welcomes until about 20 students and researchers from Asia, Europe, America and New Zealand. The mission is funded by the sous-commission des fouilles of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the CNRS on the French side. On the Thai side, the co-directors are Cholawit Thongcharoenchaikit (Natural History Museum, National Science Museum) and Sachipan Srikanlaya (PhD Xiamen University). I collaborate with the National Science Museum and Museum of Natural History, Silpakorn University, the Fine Arts Department and the National Research Council of Thailand.

Since 2011, the Thai-French programme integrates several heritage-related projects due to its involvement in the creation of a local communities heritage centre in the region of Chumphon. This project combines social anthropology, technology, archaeology, history, botany and museology. One anthropological and archaeological collaborative work focuses on representations and uses of the past in contemporaneous Southeast Asia.

Recent bibliography, books


Bellina B.: Cultural Exchange between India and Southeast Asia. Production and distribution of hard stone ornaments (VI c. BC– VI c. AD), Editions de la Maison des Sciences de l’Homme, participation de l’Ecole Française d’Extrême-Orient et d’Epistèmes. Ouvrage sous la forme de deux supports : un cdrom qui comporte la construction scientifique sous forme logiciste et les données de base (contextes, présentation des corpus et des référentiels ethnoarchéologiques sur lesquels se fondent les interprétations) et un livre qui comporte la présentation de la problématique, de la méthode, des principaux résultats et les interprétations historiques. L’ouvrage est en anglais et comporte des résumés en français. Le cdrom est bilingue.


Bellina, B. & L. Bacus & T.O. Pryce & J. Wisseman Christie: 50 years of Archaeology in Southeast Asia: Essays in honour of Ian Glover. Bangkok and London, River Books, 320p.

Recent bibliography, articles & book chapters


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sous presse

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13 April 2015

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